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50 Days Worth of Blogs About ‘Tornadic’ Tom Vander Ark: Day 13

Day 13


Getting Smart…..Tom Vander Ark’s big big thing. The only problem is that one little letter is out of place. The “S” in Smart. ANY of Tom Vander Ark’s writings or ideas need that “S” on the end not at the beginning. Getting MartS. Oh wait, one more detail. Pierce the “S” with a stick. Getting Mart$. And in the instance of Tom who is the lover of Tom so much so that daily it is his name and his trumped up credentials that he types more than anything else, so we have to put TOM in it. Getting Tom Mart$. There now we have the reeking reality of his virtual ventures.

I was doing so good daily posting exposures about Tom Vander Ark. I was getting into a rhythm of being able to break things down into topics and just present one part at a time. But, I was interrupted by hell week in education in Ohio. In matter of a little over 36 hours, my city, Youngstown, Ohio was sold into the market place. A non-union market place. Several TomMart$ will be built. The fast and furious rushed-through legislation had obviously been transcribed ‘behind the scenes’ quite a while ago; the dictation is to be model legislation for other TomMart$ Takeovers in Ohio and can be found circulated in almost verbatim manner in too many other states. (I bet if I had the time and energy to put towards it, I could prove that in fact it is close to this tier in all states). Check your state for any of the names of companies, entities, corporations or connections written in this blog series, it might take you a bit but you WILL FIND him.

In one same brief time frame window (the last week in June), our ALEC-founder Governor let it be known that he will announce presidential candidacy on July 21st. #NeverVote4Kasich.  While a crucial charter accountability bill just ooops never really made it all the way on the schedule, other bills slid in budgets made very exacting lopsided proposals for TomMart$ (charters, community schools, blended schools, non-profit schools, online schools, and so on would go the AKAs), PARCC was taken down and Florida’s Jeb Bush’s bullshit AIR put up. No voice of the people. Sheer reform control drove all of this. TomMART$ voice drove it all except for the candidacy announcement. It was preDICTATED.

Throughout this whole round after round of machine gun fire to PUBLIC schools, I kept feeling ‘this is Tom’. ‘Tom is doing this.’ ‘This is directly relates to what I am researching about Tom.’ ‘This is all of pages and pages of research about Tom in government actions right in front of my eyes.’ But, then I would shake off the feelings and think to myself– ‘No, no one person— no one person could be this powerful.’ ‘No one person could cause this level of destruction.’ ‘No one person could dictate this diatribe of destructive directional changes.’ ‘No one person could be this calculating and cold.’ ‘This is America in 2015’ I told myself. One man’s ideas could never dominate and destroy a backbone social institution to this depth. We are a democracy. We vote. Our Voice not One Voice is the American way.

And then the bomb dropped. The Tom bomb. Tom is not only in my state here and there at a handful of schools as I thought. I was going to spend several blogs revealing as though warning that he was coming through Reynoldsburg, Mentor, and Columbus schools. BUT TOM IS HERE. TOM MART$ are here. (Tom the sixth letter of the alphabet expletive ending in -ing) ‘Tornado’ is here. This article was posted in Ohio. iNACOL is Tom. Tom is iNACOL. TomDoom is upon us.

Here is where OHIO is mentioned in the article:

“Ohio Passes Pilot Program for Competency-based Education – Ohio continues to push innovation in helping schools modernize teaching and learning. The budget provides $1 million per year for up to five districts or schools to receive up to $200,000 each for a competency-based education pilot program. The program will begin with planning in the 2015-2016 school year and implementation for three years after that. With this and other efforts already underway in the state, Ohio is working to bring the current one-size-fits-all education system towards a student-based approach, with flexible pacing for student instruction and credit decisions based on competency rather than seat time. The Ohio Budget Bill contains the language on the competency-based education pilot program. Most of the language on the pilot are in the following sections: 263.280, 733.30. (A), and 3317.23. (A).

A summary is below; a more detailed version with additional legislative information is available in the members-only iNACOL Member Forums. We track policy priorities and issues related to the field’s needs as outlined annually in the iNACOL State Policy Frameworks. This report provides background information and recommendations for issues on the critical policy shifts needed to transform K-12 education.”

I was prepared for writing and posting the next two blogs in this series with about twenty four links opened in the two windows and two full pages of notes in OneNote. And now I feel as though I have had the wind knocked completely out of me.  I feel I can not go fast enough, big enough, detailed enough, or long enough to let you know the pervasiveness of TVA’s goals for his TomMART$

iNACOL stands for the International Association of K-12 Online Learning. Tom is currently the treasurer and was at one point the president, but mostly he describes himself as being a DIRECTOR of iNACOL. Typical of anything Tom has his hands in, it is difficult to draw a complete picture of what all is connected and falls ‘underneath’ iNACOL’s directorship. As with all the other groups that Tom ‘directs’. most of what comes up when you search iNACOL are things Tom has written; and if he did not write them, they contain things that he was among the first to be saying or has obviously delegated/demanded that they type. This fact alone of how powerful and present iNACOL is,  would be something he would consider as a boast and it would prove to him that his grand scale compulsion is successfully penetrating what he considers a fossilized social institution. He has financially finagled and egotistically engineered a very exact way and plan  to completely dominate anything written on the topic of education reform.

I am saying flat-out that he intends to change the world. He is almost at an insane level of compulsion in his goal. And he is thoroughly convinced he has the good and right way of it all, and alludes to it all being a “calling” in his life. A ‘God mission’ for which he has been exclusively chosen. And he is succeeding. In his pomposity he, as this self-proclaimed visionary pioneer, TVA is blind to the pain, problems, and poisonous results of his upward ever-broadening spiral surge to his personal summit. He is so maniacal that he is not seeing the negative human factor erasure effects (a blog on that subject later). And if he does see them, he thinks it is all sacrificially necessary. He is in a most deliberate manner killing public schools and the profession of teaching.

From legislation down to the smallest (constant) online plugs for his companies (remember he owns 48 just under the one name of one of his numerous non-profit entities Learn Capital,LLC). iNACOL is his equivalent of air raids of innocent citizenry.

iNACOL is ALEC on a more laser-beamed focus. It is model legislation being methodically pushed upon our state governments. The laws being put in place are securing for TVA the paths by which he will pave paradise and put up his TomMART$.

Tom’s obsessive compulsive goal is to carry ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS to a place where they can be “charterized” ( yes, I made that word up because cauterized is truly more like what it actually is) into PRIVATE SECTORS with the private sectors under CEOs control of boards which he directs and trains through several of his other non-profit organizations so that he can implement blended schooling (a partial version of his idea) which in turn is the platform on which he can build his TomMART$. His brain scheme ultimate goal, is that every single student (55 million children) in the United States, will have their OWN PERSONALIZED EDUCATION. If you have ever used PANDORA, that is what he shoots for  it to resemble. (so it will be adaptive to each child’s learner needs), with the basics reading, writing, and arithmetic defined by what…. can anyone guess?  Yes, the STANDARDS. Common Core, or better still AIR (his buddy Jeb Bush’s FEE bit). *Much more on all of this in other blogs to come. I wonder at this point if 50 Blogs will be enough space.

dictator (n.) Look up dictator at
late 14c., from Latin dictator, agent noun from dictare (see dictate (v.)). Transferred sense of “one who has absolute power or authority” in any sphere is from c. 1600. In Latin use, a dictator was a judge in the Roman republic temporarily invested with absolute power.

From Latin dictātor (“a chief magistrate”), from dictō (“dictate, prescribe”), from dīcō (“say, speak”).

Surface analysis is dictate +‎ -or (“(agent)”) “one who dictates”. (wiktionary)

Tom Vander Ark is completing controlling the social media and any and all think tanks related to reform.

Tom Vander Ark is in absolute terms dictating reform. Tom Vander Ark is the DICTATOR of REFORM.Day 13Day 13


50 Days Worth of Blogs About ‘Tornadic’ Tom Vander Ark: Day 1


*Bolded words are hyperlinks!

All of this started benignly enough when I saw a Tweet from a PUBLIC SCHOOL that immediately reeked of reform. Its unpleasant perfume of profiteering and privatizing lept out at me and caused an immediate instinctual alarm. Here was the post on Twitter that set my research into overload mode:

RT @LisaDuty1: Five Trends Demand Smart States…/…/five-trends-demand-smart-states/ … @tvanderark @Getting_Smart ‪#SmartCities‬ ‪#SmartStates

And here was what just typed right out of me in shock and earnest concern:

@ReynSchools @LisaDuty1 @tvanderark @Getting_Smart .whoooaaaa whoooaaa whooaaa why is Reyn PUBLIC schools pushing promoting PRIVATIZATION?

I had never heard of Tom Vander Ark. I am fairly new ( 2 1/2 years now) at advocating for our children in PUBLIC schools. But, as part of the leadership team for the Badass Teachers Association, I am blessed to be able to run to the 50 other wise folks who have been education activists for decades, and I can always get an answer. After quickly posting a hasty warning in the Reynoldsburg community group, and in Ohio BATs, I rushed into what we affectionately refer to as the “cave” and asked who was this TOM character. I think it was the first time it ever happened…not a single one had ever heard of him. I was shocked, because what I had initially pulled up on the internet about this fellow, showed me that he had been on the scene a longtime. As a matter of fact he can probably claim some kind of cheesy plastic pretend trophy award for being one of the first NON-EDUCATOR BUSINESS BARONs to storm the Gates (pun intended) of the public schools. This entrance as a superintendent of a school in Washington for five years was his ‘foot in the door’ and since that time he has run pell-mell all over education sectors in the United States and Europe, with Paul Bunyan-size clomping boots, leaving a twisted strewn path behind him. 

For a solid week now, I have been able to do nothing it seems but to put together an understanding of this self-designed door-to-door salesman. I have fifteen separate pages (topics) in One-note filled to the gills with lists and links. And, trust me it is tricky to wade through the swamp of Vander Ark’s prolific sales pitches. He claims to write 500 words a day in his many blog arenas. Its disturbing how much Tom Vander Ark writes about Tom Vander Ark and links everything to Tom Vander Ark’s partnerships upon the recommendation of Tom Vander Ark. He very purposely paints a virtual image of himself. He is very practiced and positioned as the perfect panderer. He has branded himself well and probably Googles himself several times a day. Seriously, while researching him, Carly Simon’s famous choral line kept popping into my mind— “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you, don’t you…”

I felt such a compelling burden to expose this man for what he truly is, that I could not wait to compress my research and write a blog piece that would have nearly every other word as a link. But anyone who knows me, knows I am far too long-winded to pop out a blurb. I relay information with full vivid details; the sensations, sights, sounds and smells if you will, matter to me as much as the facts. I decided to torque down the manic speed a bit, and to take the readers on a much lengthier tour of the Tom Vander Ark’s ensnaring egotistical empire. 

Mercedes Schneider called Tom Vander Ark an “opportunist” in her fact-filled fury-fueled pieceJeff Bryant called him an “Edu-business Poster Boy” in an articleRobert D. Skeels rattled off a couple of fitting descriptors in his rightful rant including “charlatan”, and “flimflammer.” A commenter by the name of ‘nitko’, on the same Schools Matter article, said: 

Vander Ark is proven self-serving bloodsucker, feeding off the taxpayer.

He is a human tick. 

Nothing more.

I will call him out as a conniving collector, an advantageous angle-worker, and as one hidden right out in the open—
thieving from our children in the bright of the day.

I will trounce as best as I am able on the Tail of this Trickster Tornado, TOM VANDER ARK!

Kelly Ann Braun ^0^