50 Days Worth of Blogs About ‘Tornadic’ Tom Vander Ark: Day 5

Vander Ark


5 out of 6 are NOT TEACHERS, never were in education….It is BUSINESS as usual in groups, in this instance Learn Capital, in which Tom Vander Ark participates. I just HATE like heck to send you to a link of TVA but truly, if you click on the bold print in the prior sentence you will see what kind of people Tom works with—they are not educators.



This article appeared on Getting Smart’s website and was written by Andy Calkins who is Deputy Director of Next Generation Learning Challenges, an initiative managed by EDUCAUSE and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with additional support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.


“A day before he opened his education reform conference to the media recently, Bush [Jeb] hosted another education meeting. This event, a private affair in the Palace Hotel, was a reconvening of investors and strategists to plan the next leg of the privatization campaign. Michael Moe, Susan Patrick, Tom Vander Ark and other major players were invited. I waited outside the event, trying to get what information I could. I asked Mayor Fenty how I could get in. “Just crash in, come on in,” he laughed, adding, “so what company are you with?” When he learned that I was a reporter, he shook his head. “Oh, nah, you’re not welcome, then.”


An invitation had billed the exclusive gathering as a chance for “philanthropists and venture capitalists” to figure out how to “leverage each other’s strengths” — a concise way to describe how for-profit virtual school companies are using philanthropy as a Trojan horse.”

Do you see any names you recognize in the following  list? These are the people TVA ADVISES….via the Advisory Board of the National DFER (Democrats For Education Reform) which is supported by the infamous Koch brothers as well as Steve Klinsky, a former hedge fund manager and founder of the for-profit charter company, Victory Schools, Inc.:

Michael Bennet U.S. Senate (CO)
Cory Booker U.S. Senate (NJ)
Will Burns City Council (IL-4th Ward)
Andre Carson U.S. House (IN-7)
Jim Clyburn U.S. House (SC-6)
Chris Coons U.S. Senate (DE)
Susan Davis U.S. House (CA-53)
Rahm Emanuel Mayor (IL)
Daniel Hernandez School Board (Sunnyside Unified School District)
Dan McKee Lt. Governor (RI)
Seth Moulton U.S. House (MA-6)
Crystal Peoples-Stokes State House (NY- 41)
Jared Polis U.S. House (CO-2)
Brian Schatz U.S. Senate (HI)
Bobby Scott U.S. House (VA-3)
Lorenzo Sierra City Council (AZ)
Mary Ann Sullivan School Board (IN)
Brandon Todd City Council (Ward 4)

koch brothers


Tom is the treasurer of the following  group—CEOs CEOs and more CEOs. It is  likely  you won’t know the names…but pay close attention for whom the people work. Systemic K-12 Education Reform Focus Area, the Walton Family Foundation?
nasca members


The lists go on and on and on….. Tom Vander Ark is frequently billed as a speaker with Wendy Kopp and sits on at least one Board with her!


Type in your favorite DEformer’s name and Tom Vander Ark’s name… and you will see.

Eva Moscowitz. Yep. Cami Anderson. Yep. Arne Duncan. Yep.


If you scroll down through the blog pages, back to page one, of this 50 day adventure, you will see an incomplete list of various Boards that Tom Vander Ark runs or oversees or at least is a member. Every one of those lists hold a group similar to the above groups. It is like a huge cycloning feeding frenzy group, with Tom always center stage!


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