Out-of-Control Control

Intl control goalA great thread developed in Ohio BATs…I will try to piece it together here.

BEN GIBSON initiated it all with:

While digging a little deeper I came across the OECD and PISA. Suddenly words like “robust” and “rigor” began to stand out. The PISA is a multinational exam given every 3 years to some 15 year olds to determine how we rank globally in education. And guess who developed it? Yep……Pearson. I am now thoroughly disgusted that our government has not only bypassed our local and state control but now they are basing all of our NATIONAL education reform off an international test (PISA) that was created by the OECD and Pearson. Is this $hit made up???? Since when did America care about a single foreign group’s opinion of our educational standards? So Pearson develops the PISA test which suddenly drops our global ranking substantially and then provides products ($$$) to “fix” us. We need to listen to the guy on the H&R Block ads…..”It’s time to get your billions back America.” If we truly are broken, then lets fix it ourselves. I prefer my children’s education home grown please!!! Here is an open letter that is globally supported by some of our worlds greatest education researchers and leaders in response to OECD and PISA.

Someone was quick to offer this appropos quote:


Someone else asked: This letter was written in 2014…has there been any response from Schleicher? OECD? PISA?

Gibson answered: Here’s their response http://www.oecd.org/pisa/47681954.pdf

Aghast, another participant exclaimed: Pearson wrote Pisa???!!!! OMG. They are going to own the world. They already own Ohio. 😦

Right on top of his research, Ben cited three sources:

1. Ravitch reference    2.PISA Tests    3. Common Core video (3 min.)

Yet another posted this: Speaking of owning the world…Read this carefully> 
“What we need now is a different kind of education to prepare people for work”




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