Do Not Negate OUR Numbers!

opt out map

The governor has said those refusing the nonsense of the ridiculously wasteful state assessments is NEGLIGIBLE.

The ODE has furthermore tried to nullify the opt out movement in Ohio by posting numbers of students who have sat the tests in a corny basketball scoreboard-like manner, that they are tweeting.

We who are fighting all of this, KNOW that those taking a sane stance against all of this costly stress, are NOT just  NUMBERS. We know because daily we hear their personal stories. We hear the countless reasons offered that have driven normally complacent parents to the angst of civil disobedience. We feel strongly that each story counts and matters and that for each story we are hearing and seeing there are equally confused or ired.

Here is a MAP of the schools that we have reports of “opting out”.

PARCC and AIR Test Refusals in OHIO

Please help us continue to add to this map and to share it in as many places as possible.
(Contact Heather Boyer Younkin or Kelly Ann Braun through Facebook or Twitter to add your school or to update any numbers we have.)
This week the MAP along with the following letter were sent to all Ohio Legislators.

Ohioans have stood together while our Schools and the ODE have twisted words, used incorrect information to pressure us to allow our children to be tested, unfairly segregated our children into those who test and are rewarded and those who don’t test and are ignored or punished. We have stood together while teachers are told they are not allowed to have an opinion on Common Core or PARCC Tests and that should they refuse to give the tests, that someone else will and they could be subjected to insubordination penalties. It is clear that this mistreatment is due to the excessive pressure put on schools by tying the tests to funding and state report cards.

It is clear that you have begun to hear us; however, we now ask you to SEE us. The link below is to a map of PARCC and AIR Test Refusals. Each marker on this map represents a school or district in which an Opt Out/Refusal has been submitted. This data was provided by teachers and parents – tax paying, primary stakeholders of education—each represents a family with great upsets and concerns. We ask that you not dismiss us or our numbers as the ODE has. The map is dynamic, not static, and even as you are reading this, numbers are changing.

Ohio’s Parents and Teachers want what is best for our children, the future of Ohio, just as you do. Ohio’s parents believe that the best way to accomplish this goal is to allow the schools and teachers to determine the best way to educate our children and evaluate them and our teachers.

They do so much more than teach a lesson plan; they get to know our children – how each of them learns and what makes them tick– and they use that to propel our children academically and personally. They are there for our children when they need someone to talk to, to encourage them when they struggle and congratulate them when they succeed. No test will ever measure that.


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