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Portal to PARCC Chaos

Portal to PARCC Chaos
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A View of Posts from Ohio BATs in One Day!

We are growing by leaps and bounds—100 members per week…for several weeks now. 1600, with connections and branches into several other groups that are easily coming up on the same numbers.

I should be excited, elated even, since we have worked towards being a huge enough presence to make the huge difference we are looking to make. But, I have actually found myself literally clenching my jaw, and almost depressed as our numbers increase. Two nights this week I slept horridly, my rest affected directly by all that folks are sharing. I guess one can imagine how bad something is going to be or feel, but the accuracy of that prediction is something so painful to the psyche when it all becomes reality, that I do not know how to even express it all. Staying calm in the clamor of the chaos as Ohio embarks on this ‘over-testing white-water rafting ride’ is grueling. And for a person, such as myself, who needs humor like we all need air, I am feeling underneath some of it, for NONE of this is funny.

Here are some two-word glimpses just from today’s postings: cautioning teachers, terrible system, frustrates me, stepped on, can’t speak, scare tactics, complete insanity, moral outcome, money maker, just sick, organize more, madness stop, very non-supportive, black sheep, stop bullying, scare tactics, so wrong, [make] them suffer, bitter pill, to blame, got irate, demeaning behavior, real concern, a disaster, going nuts, about to cry, cut-off score, philosopher kings, so sickening, destroy education, manipulate data, smell something rotten, jump ship, massive bribery, government control, every aspect, slip-sliding away…

Amazing what just two-word snags and snippets from a plethora of threads and posts can offer up to others not reading all of it. The negative emote goes on and on and on… Parents, Teachers, and Students…all sharing their ire and/or confusion!

cha·os ˈkāˌäs/

complete disorder and confusion.

“snow caused chaos in the region” [PARCC IS CAUSING CHAOS COMMONLY EVERYWHERE]

synonyms: disorderdisarray, disorganization, confusionmayhembedlampandemoniumhavocturmoiltumultcommotiondisruptionupheaval,uproarmaelstrom;


anarchy, lawlessness, entropy;

informal hullabaloohooplatrain wreckall hell broken loose

PARCC = Pure*Asinine*Ridiculous*Corporatist*Chaos


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